First aid kits on sale in Berkshire

At Barnett’s Safety Equipment Service Ltd, we stock a variety of first aid kits to assist you in any kind of emergency. Call us now on 016 354 2150 for more information.

Fully equipped first aid kits

No matter what precautionary measure is undertaken, it is possible that some accidents will occur. You can be prepared for any kind of emergency with our first aid kits.

These first aid kits have all the items necessary to provide instant and timely care to the individual even as you wait for expert medical assistance to arrive.

We also provide personal protective equipment and fire protection equipment.

We supply and provide:

  • First aid equipment
  • First aid kits
  • Training on health and safety
  • Fire protection equipment
  • Head to foot protection
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  • For a quality first aid kit in Berkshire, call the experts at Barnett’s Safety Equipment Service Ltd today on
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